This guide is intended to gives you a way to valor cap in 1 or 2 minutes, and requires a little preparation during the week before. This way is really interesting for people like me who have a shitload of alts and need to get the valor buff (+50% valor gain, account wide) as soon as possible every week.

What do you need:
  • 2 characters (1 with the valor buff from the past week)
  • character A, which is the one you need the buff on and will be the gatherer on the timeless island
  • character B, which is the one you will use to bug keep the valor buff through the reset day
  • 15000 timeless coin (12000 is ok but you'll need to do 100 valor) and 50 epoch stones on character A,

How do you do:
  • Step 1: log out on the island with character A, and make sure you have your stones and coins in 
  • Step 2: log on for the last time of the week (monday night for US, tuesday night for EU) with character B, and make sure you have the valor buff for next week. Using Alt F4 seems to give you a guaranteed buff.
  • Step 3: log on with char A for the first time the new week, and complete Empowering the Hourglassand buy 5 deeds of valor
  • Step 4: you have the buff ! and it will last through logging out this time 

* step 3.5: you also can gather only 12k coins, complete the daily (killing 20 elite) which profide 50-75 valor and rush a heroic donjon or 3 classic dailies. 12k coins is allready pretty long to collect (and boring) so despite it's a little bit longer on reset day it's shorten the preparation.

TL,DR: use the new valor tokens on timeless island with the old valor buff bug to get zuper fast valor cap.

I hope my english is understandable, feel free to leave a comment for correcting or if you have any question about this. Cheers !

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