Saturday, June 7

Buying Gold From Blizzard - [Archiving The Guardian Cub]

Here's an obvious opportunity that I think we should all invest in.

If you somehow didn't hear about it - The Guardian Cub is being archived on June 18th.
It'll be going away forever, never to accessed by anyone again.

Check it out :The Guardian Cub Heading into the Blizzard Archive 

The good part, is It's the only tradable pet available on the world of warcraft shop.

Emphasis on tradable.

Usually when MMO vanities become unobtainable (In my experience I can only speak for other MMO's such as runescape IE: Santa Hats)
Price spikes are inevitable.

I think of this as an excellent opportunity for everyone to stick their noses in. Especially on higher pop or RP realms.

Right now, their in the MG alliance AH for 20-60k. OF course the price will differ depending on server..
But after june 18th it will only keep going up. (Again, I've seen this pattern in many other MMO's - forWow it will be a first).

And it just so happens that I've lucked out and happen to have 2 by chance...

The real opportunity here is if you spend $10 on the blizzard store, you can possibly make thousands of gold, maybe even tens of thousands in the future.
It's like buying gold from blizzard but a bit better in the long term.

However that's just my bet on it.

But I got a feeling about this one.


  1. Buy one
  2. Cross Fingers
  3. And pray for profits.

IT may just pay off big time.

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