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Saturday, June 7

Quick way to get REP for Legendary Quest

This is how to get honored with The Black Prince a very fast way.
The usual quest would have you farm some mobs or something but here's what I found out

While doing Shado-Pan dailies I get a quest "The Enemy of my Enemy.. is still my Enemy".

This quest would have you kill 100 of these mobs, but around here there are Klaxxi mobs. Now with that quest comes some oil you must gather than insta kills anything u put down there. These klaxxi join groups of 10-20. Now just get that quest at Shado-Pan Garrison, and kill those klaxxi. They reward 11 each, within the next 30m you can have your rep. You can abandon/re-pickup. So have fun, I got my reputation with them within 20m.

Trial of the Black Prince 
The Enemy of My Enemy... Is Still My Enemy! 

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