Saturday, June 28

level out your flying mount the easy way

This involves using the keyboard to direct your flight so it may not be your thing

first mount up on your flying mount
hit jump so you are off the ground
remove your hand from your mouse
hit x or what you have keybound to swim down
this action put you at 0 degree incline so you fly perfect horizontal
use w a s d q e to aim where you want to fly

in my wexperience this makes you fly faster then using mouse byt i use carbonite and go by how fast it says

another way to check your incline is to use a mod clled flighthud but i prefer my way rather ten having a black and green box on my screen

also you can use insert and delete to change your incline until you are upside down and mess with people that way if you want but hitting the ground will still make you fly 100% horizontal

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