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Tailoring / Enchanting Shuffle

I know there are numerous professional guides out there how to make money on the auction house with various profession's. Well today im going to walk you through what some people call a Profession shuffle using materials with one profession to make money using another.
  • 100-200g to start
  • enchanting
  • tailoring
  • A general understanding of the Auction house
First what you are going to do is goto an auction house and look up the prices of Windwool Cloth - Item - World of Warcraft

Generally on my realm a stack on avg sells at 16-18g per stack which is amazing because 1 stack= 4Bolt of Windwool Cloth - Item - World of Warcraft

Now i know your thinking how is this guide going to make me some money well keep reading and i'll tell you.

Next your going to use those 4 bolt's and craft Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Cuffs of Accuracy - Item - World of Warcraft

Craft as many as you possibly can with the amount of capital you started with assuming the prices of cloth per stack are cheap on your realm. ( or go farm it )
Next your going to turn these cuff's into Ethereal Shard - Item - World of Warcraft

Which if you check your local Auction house on my realm these sell for 25-34g a piece. Now i'm aware these may not seem like much profit to some but think about it for a minute if you crafted as an example 100 cuffs and for each one disenchanted you get 1 shard. thats what ( 2500g ) at the cheapest they are selling for. Now the best part is when you disenchant anything in the world you sometimes get luck and receive bonus material from it. So disenchanting those 100 cuffs might end up giving you 125+ shards.

So your going to make more money. But we arent just going to sell Ethereal shard's.

Make sure to save roughly 10-20 Shards and break those down into Mysterious Essence - Item - World of Warcraft

Because 1 shard will give you 3 Mysterious Essence's. Now go ahead and check the prices of those essences. 

So with say those 10 shard's you received 30 mysterious essences with an average return of 15g each. it costed you 18g to buy 1 stack of cloth which yielded 1-2 shards
which you broke into 6 essence's at a value of 15g each. thats 18g into 90g ( it's a great profit )

Now save some of those essences because we're going to break those down into Spirit Dust - Item - World of Warcraft

for every 1 mysterious essence broken down you gain 3 spirit dust. With an average return of 1g50s00c + a piece.

So for that 100-200g you started off with buying nothing but cheap windwool cloth lets crunch some numbers....

If you started with 100g and buying the cheapest windwool stacks at say 70s a piece ( 14g per stack )
you would have received 142 pieces of cloth which is roughly 7 stacks. 1 stack = 1-2 shards @ 28g+, 3 essence's 15g+ each, or 3 spirit dust @ 1g50s a piece. Do the math for little investment you can turn a huge profit. This all said and done it's also server dependant because some realms you might get cloth alot cheaper. and chanting mats might be cheaper still.

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