Friday, June 27

Skip Siegecrafter Trash - Mage, Druid, lock

Havent seen a post about this yet, so i figured i would throw one up with detailed instructions,.

What You Need:

  1. Mage ----> Blink
  2. Druid ----> Rapid Displacement ( Kinda like Mage Blink. )
  3. Warlock -> Warlock Portal.
  4. Warrior --> Heoic Leap

How To

Step 1:

Have eveyone in your party, wait at the Trash, or the Invisible Barrier. Only you have to do this, not everyone.

Go to the LEFT wall, and follow it to where you see me in the Picture Below.

Blink Through the Invissible Barrier

Step 2:

Jump onto the Pillar.

Step 3:

Run Around the Pillar

Step 4:

Slow Fall, or Speed Burst down, Dont jump into the Pipe or you will have to star over again.

Step 5:

Pull the Boss, and Stealth! ( Reset him )

Eveyone who is waiting up at the Trash, will get pulled to you.

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