Monday, June 23

Logged into some old characters, got hit with an emotion train from an old letter

I still get sad now and then remembering people who I played with through 2004/5 who quit. Back before Facebook and Steam and Battlenet were all over so generally no way to reach them after they quit WoW.

I wonder where they are now.

It's magical when you hear from someone you have kept a tenuous link with though, and you both spend a few hours trading all the tidbits you each have of various people you both knew forever ago.

I still have some of our old Vanilla videos with the corny intro sequences showing everyone if I really want to drown in nostalgia.

I remember back in vanilla, I used to play on Gul'dan, and we had this warlock in guild named Dunbass. Never knew the guys actual name. We leveled warlocks together until about 35, then I switched to a druid. He hit 60 when my druid was around 50.

We came up with this plan to have him hit 60 off a quest in Mulgore. He killed stuff until he was just about 60, then went out to Mulgore. 5-10 of us went to SM Armory and looted a ton of fireworks, then headed over to meet him.

When he hit 60 we all set off our fireworks and /cheered at him. I think he was the first 60 in guild.

One time, this 60 rogue ganked us in Booty Bay after we went over there at 30 or so to see where the boat went. He followed us back and tried to camp us in Ratchet. We jumped in the water and put Unending Breath on ourselves, then dotted and chain feared him when he followed us into the water until he drowned.. great times.

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