Monday, June 23

So I found Korven the Prime on the wrong side of the wall today. Proceeded to give him a tour of Pandaria.

Finished Roll Club, suddenly Korven appears, on the wrong side of the wall. Of course the only rational thing to do is see how far he will follow!

Might not have been the best idea to take him here...

Along the tour we helped some pandaren.

Tried to raise the spirits of the poor people on the cloak questlines. Korven didn't seem interested in helping.

Wrathions Guards seemed to suspect something was wrong. 

Paid a visit to Halfhill.

Korven watching the mushan.

Jade Serpent Statue, never forget.

Alas Korven and I's adventure came to an end at the timeless isle. Despite attempts after that to repeat the bug, Korven never would come back.

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