Thursday, June 12

My old guild from Vanilla..still kickin!

Seeing dead guild lists like this always makes me kind of sad. Makes you wonder where your buddies of old are right now, and that they hopefully are doing alright in life.

One of my guidlies was a 13 year old kid who had a computer so shitty that he could not actually walk around Ironforge because his FPS would drop so low, he would look down and walk using the map to get around. When we found out what a POS comp he had, a few of us pitched in and had upgrade parts sent to his house that beefed up his comp significantly.

I'm friends with him on FB still and occasionally see photos of his life, he's already graduated college and is an engineer. We never talk but I always wondered how his parents would've felt if they knew back in the day a bunch of neckbeard, fatass nerds in their 20s and 30s sent him computer parts in the mail.

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