Thursday, June 12

Leveling from 84-90 in 1hr

Things you will need:
Now we all know that the Elixir of Ancient Knowledge only works from 1-84 correct. Well here is the kicker. it works from 85+. If you apply the elixir 1/4 of a bar from 85 the buff will remain. You will NOT be able to reapply anymore. However equipped with your full set of BoA XP gear with a guild battle standard the elixir buff active only for 1hr. Your XP gains come to a tally of " 40% from BoA's 300% from the Elixir 15% from the Standard 10% from the Darkmoon fair carousel buff = 365%

Wanted to also mention even tho your stats won't scale from 85+ you still benifit from the xp gains!
As well if your leveling a monk with " that is an additional 20% added to the 365% bonus.= 385% add along the two guild perks :
as well as :
Which brings the tally up to = " 400% " xp gains

Now the targeted mobs can be found here:

Fishing for a Bruising 

This used to be a great place to use a potion of luck Potion of Luck 
However this place has been since nerfed. That said while your level 90 is killing everything in sight the spawn rate will increase the faster the mobs are killed. " make sure to refresh your standard every so often ". But at 84 you receive 3-4k xp per kill. at 85 " 6-8k xp " 86 " 14-17k xp " 87 " 24-29k xp " 88 " 34-37k xp " 89 " almost 47k xp per kill "

I have leveled a friend of mine using this method. And will be creating a video to show you it works soon!

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