Wednesday, June 11

Twilight Highlands Embersilk & Hypnotic Dust Farm Spot

Since Dragonmaw Pass got nerfed and I´m sure Uldum will eventually as well, here´s another farm spot with great respawn timers for getting those precious cata goods.

  • Haven't completed all Twilight Highland Quests for achievement (so freshly dingend 90s with decent gear are the best)
  • Tailor and either Engineering or Enchanting on the farm char
  • Have some Potion of Treasure Finding
  • Dalaran Mount so you can sell vendor trash fast for more space
  • Enough bagspace for a decent farm session and decent mobility

The Spot is "The Twilight Gate" in the southwest of the map, east of the Twilight Citadel for the Bastion of Twilight raid. 

Unfortunately the spot requires a bit of prequesting (3/4 of the story line) to be accessible, so this CANT be done with chars who got the achievement for TH.

Storylines are as follows:

  1. Alliance or Horde Startquest until you have established frienship with Wildhammer/Dragonmaw Clan
  2. Complete the Maw of Madness storyline in the northern part
  3. Complete the Red Dragonflight storyline in the western/southern part until you have killed Obsidia (Last of her Kind is the questname)
  4. Now the final part starts - Assault on Twilight Highlands. 
  5. This is the quest you want: Horde / Alliance. Once you accept, these parts will be phased and you can farm Ogres and Ettins in trashpacks (usually 3 orgers+2 ettins) in the area with a quick respawn timer
  6. Find a good route and have fun grinding away.
  7. ???
  8. Profit.

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