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How to Farm Lots of embersilk Cloth // 5-12k+/hour

In order to get to this spot some might have to do some quests. This spot works for both Horde & Ally.

Step 1) Fly to Twilight Highlands, and go to this quest starting area.
Quest:A Coward's Due - WoWWiki 

->IF you have " Mathias Command " ( Quest:Mathias' Command - WoWWiki )
Then fly to the Quest turn in, and turn it in.

WoWikki - If you scroll down, you will see the Quests in that chain, Click the First Or Last quest in the chain, and scroll to the Top and on the RIGHT side you will see a Blue Box, which says the Details

Click --- NEXT, or PREVIOUS to get to the NEXT quest chain or the Previous Quest Chain.
1) Starting from " A Cowards Due " ( If you have NEVER done quests in Twilight Highalnds)

Quest:Warm Welcome (Horde) ( HORDE )

( these quests Lead up to Mathias Command / Patchwork Command )

Step 2) Quest Chains ( from Mathias Command - Alliance ) / ( Patchwork Command - Horde )

a ) Quest:Mathias' Command 

Horde- Quest:Patchwork Command

b) Quest:And the Sky Streaked Red 

C) Quest:Victors' Point 
( HORD) Quest:Crushblow 


d) Quest:Four Heads are Better than None (Alliance) 

-- This is the quest you want to get to.

Step 3) Once you geet to " Four Heads are Better then None " STOP! - DO NOT TURN IT IN.

Complete this quest - Kill the 4 mobs, and get their heads in your Inventory / bank,

You will now notice, all the mobs have STACKED on top of eachother outside the cave.

This is the spot!

When you Complete " Four Heads are Better then None " ( Dont turn it in! )(Turning in really doesnt effect the farm the mobs are still stacked) You will need :

Potion of Treasure Finding

Tailoring / enchanting ( Enchanting / tailoring can be on other chars, i believe theres no Cloth % Increase in Cata )

Step 4) When you Finally get to the spot, all you need to do is fly in a BIG clockwise Circle. First 2 packs , kil them, at the TOP of the hill u see 2 more to theLEFT, Dont kill them , skip and keep flying, on the far LEFT theres 1 pack you cant see from the start - Kill this pack, then kill the 2 packs you Skipped, and continue your Clockwise Circle.


I personally only kill the packs of mobs if they have 3+ more adds. But you can kill them anyway you would like, and I loot them after every pack kill so they do not disappear.


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