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Warlords of Draenor Gold Preparation

Sell Now

MoP BoE Blues:
Sell them now. Remember that everyone who picks up WoD will be handed a free 90 boost, thus eliminating the need for these. Although, we know Blizzard has a habit of nerfing XP and making leveling easier – meaning any new toons will breeze through MoP content.

Overstock of Gems
Blizzard has been pushing this whole entire movement of having less gem slots, which means you shouldn’t expect to see random gem slots on leveling gear at all. We haven’t seen it as a constant thing since BC and I doubt you will see any pre instance gear with a gem slot on it. Not to mention any new gear we do acquire, may not even have gem slots on it. They want stats to be baselined coupled with the removal of reforging, so we may not even get gem slots until raid gear to make it feel “special” again. By the time gem slots start popping up on gear and people need gems you’ll already have the new gem cuts.
Jewelcrafting may lose its value as one of the top professions due to the major downsize in gems. Blizzard stated they were going to fill in the blank with new profession kinks but we still don’t know exactly how this will pan out. Personally, jewelcrafting wouldn’t be my first profession rushed this time around and may take a major hit with the attempt to shut down the shuffle.

Wild Cards
To my knowledge Blizzard hasn’t stated how difficult the Garrisons are to acquire. With how beneficial they sound I don’t see them just handing them over free or even through a series of dailies / rep grinds (especially since they wanted to remove the rep grind requirements).
Garrisons also will have an unknown impact on professions, with the fact your followers will be able to mine, craft, etc, for you even when you are offline. How much damage they will do to the profession market is unknown. Not to mention they will allow for you to trade goods with friends – we may be in for a big rehash of how professions factor into gold making. Although, not everyone owned a farm during Mist of Pandaria so this could be an oversight.
Ghost Iron Ore is a double edge sword. Currently it is required for random stuff - most importantly to power level blacksmithing (roughly 7200 GIO) which if left as is and not updated the price will rise to something crazy, with everyone focusing on new world mat. However if they do update the catch up method with new world mats that gold mine can morph into a sinking ship. Fast. To invest in GIO stocking is a coin flip, something I’d wait until more information is released.
Transmog Steals
See all the BoE epics from raids on the auction house for cheap? The ones that are destroyed by timeless isle gear. Stat wise in the current content they are terrible thus the low prices but as MoP material stops being ran they may come back at scorching prices as transmog gear. Something worth looking into and maybe even investing in if the price is right.

Sure Bets
Embersilk Cloth
ESC will be a gold mine. Why? Its already the highest selling cloth on the market (bolt wise) and will remain so. It serves as the biggest volume of bags sold due to not everyone being able to afford Royals and I have a strong feeling Blizzard will be patching the biggest “unknown by the public” source of Embersilk Cloth farming really soon. They have already hinted at it so I know its coming, I’m willing to bet over 50% of the supply will be shut down with the patch. I already stopped selling my current stock to save for later. Trust in the Embersilk.
Windwool Cloth
Another cloth that is a safe bet. Why? Because it’s cheap. You can buy a nice supply for next to nothing and run little to no risk doing so. Royals will be the biggest sized bags you will be able to obtain until some odd weeks after hitting max level. I’m sure IF they do release a new bag it will more than likely again be faction unlocked. Worse case here is you move it when the market dries up whilst people are busy in the new content.
Hypnotic Dust
It hasn’t gone anywhere and it won’t. I don’t see any catch up method being applied to enchanting to by pass the phase where Hypnotic Dust either rapes your bank account or rapes your free time. It is one of the most annoying things to deal with in any profession and I only see the price going up. This by NO means is telling you to buy it off the auction house, this is instead informing you to take a few hours a day or a week to farm those wonderful greens and start stocking the disenchanted mats. I don’t see HD biting the dust anytime soon.
MoP Mount Mats
The lovely thing about mounts is that they never become irrelevant. You will always want a certain mount which means any material that is required to make them (JC/Engineering mounts) will stay in demand.
Guardian Cub
You can still find this bad boy on the AH for 10k on the majority of realms, if you do, buy it. It has been removed from the store and I don’t think it will make its way back in. It will become a vanity item and eventually you’ll be looking at a nice price tag on this bad boy.

Altered Zone Recipes / Gear
This one is flying under the radar due to all the speculation about professions and such, but with the zones that are being altered we will be seeing items removed from the game. Recipes and specific mob drop gear will become priceless and fetch you a hefty penny. This is something you’ll have to take the time and research if you want to benefit from it.

If it isn’t getting you gold, it shouldn’t be getting your time.

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