Monday, July 14

setting Super Guild Invite up to be fully automated

Okay, so I for one now how hard it is to get a guild going. A lot of people use Super Guild Invite to somewhat combat this problem to mass invite people, so their guild gets leveled up quickly. However, you're not going to be at your computer 24/7 or keep wanting to click that Invite button all day long. So, I'm here to show you how to automate the invite portion of SGI.

First things first, you'll need SGI, which can be found here
We're going to assume you know how to use addons and how to enable them. Anyways, when you log on you should see a tiny blue button next to your minimap that has SGI on it, as demonstrated here. Okay, so you'll be presented with this screen when you open it, or something similar:

Alright, so the first thing we're going to want to do is change the keybind. You see where it says Set Keybind (P) on my image? Well, that's because I have the P key set to invite people. Now, you can click the Set Keybind button and map whatever key you want to it, but for now I'm going to assume you chose P.

Okay, so now we have SGI installed, it's ready to invite people, and we have a keybind set. Here comes the fun part. We're going to be installing a program that one of our own awesome Elite members, Drakefish wrote. It is called Keyspam, and despite the thread being from 2011, it still works perfectly! 

If you just want the download link, click here

Alright, so do the usual stuff with the file (download and extract it). Make sure to run it as an Administrator to prevent any weird errors. You should be greeted with this screen when you open it, or something similar:

So we're going to click on each of those keys (Return, Hello!, and Return) and click Delete, ending up with a blank sheet, as demonstrated below:

Now, click add, and you'll come across this screen:

Simply click in the empty text box next to Key: and then click on whatever key you set earlier with SGI (mine was P). Now for the sleep time, I recommend doing something like 500 or so (if I'm not mistaken that's 500 milliseconds) so it should work fine.

If you've done everything correctly, your window should look like this (with whatever keybind you picked instead of the P for mine)

Now, you see where at the top of the window it says Window to Spam: with a little drop down arrow? Click the arrow and then click on your WoW client (will be some numbers/letters and then World of Warcraft). This ensures that it only goes to that window, so you are free to keep using your computer or other wow tasks for other purposes.

And finally, click the Spam button! This will spam the keystroke you entered into the keyspam program, which is also your keybind to invite people using SGI. This is fully automated and you can even go to sleep with this on without being afk.

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