Wednesday, July 9

Paragons of the Klaxxi (HC) Trick

Attempting to contribute again, woo. Onto the ''trick'':

Paragons of the Klaxxi has 9 diffrent bosses, with diffrent abilities. The last, 9th boss in the order is Kil'ruk the Wind-Reaver. One of his abilities (HC only) is called Reave.
This seems to cause alot of issues for guilds progressing this fight and there is a simple way to bypass it.

As fast as Kil'ruk begins to cast Reave, taunt him. This will make him continue to jump towards the target which he always does before casting Reave, but he won't cast it. He just comes running back to you. I have only been able to confirm this working with the monk taunt Provoke, so I'm not sure about other taunts. Regardless, if you have access to a monk tank, this will make the fight considerably easier.

Can't figure out a way to get a screenshot or some kind of proof of this working, but it worked for us

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