Wednesday, August 13

Battleground fun (Go unreachable places)

A few people asked how I managed to do this, so here it is. I'm only showcasing some of the stuff you can do with this. Use your imagination - there are some many possibilities with this.

  • Find an object that goes through the invisible wall, surrounding the battleground. Place a darkmoon tiger or blink through it.
  • Behind the invisible wall, you'll get stuck at certain places.
  • Start jumping and press forward in different angles. You need to find the exact angle, where you'll be able to jump up, press forward, and get stuck in the air. This is the spot where you'll be able to climb an invisible wall. When you find this angle, you CANNOT change the angle of your character or you'll fall down.
  • When you reach the desired height, start running forward. At the correct angle, you'll start falling.
  • Use Glider and fly like a bird.

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