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Take Advantage of the ‘Gaze of the Black Prince’ While it Lasts!

World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria is bringing the ‘Gaze of the Black Prince’ buff back, for a limited amount of time, beginning with August 14. Those interested in forwarding their ‘Legendary Cloak’ quest line, will be able to take advantage of the goodies delivered by the buff till August 26.
What exactly does the ‘Gaze of the Black Prince’ do? To start off, it doubles the reputation gathering pace of the Black Prince. It also increases the item drop for the Black Prince, therefore items like the Titan Runestones, the Sigil of Wisdom, the Sigil of Power and the Secrets of the Empire will be easier to come by. Obviously, all these items are needed for the ‘Legendary Cloak’ quest.

The quest is available to all classes and factions in the game. The Black Prince, whose name is Wrathion, can be found in the Tavern in the Mists, which is located between the Valley of the Four Winds and Kun-Lai Summit. The quest starts out with the Black Prince offering players something to drink, then subjecting them to a series of trials, called the ‘Trials of the Black Prince’, which constitute the first chapter of the quest-series.
The second chapter is called ‘Wrathion’s War’, and it too features a number of elaborate quests like ‘Glory to the Horde’, ‘The Lion Roars’, etc.
The third chapter of the Black Prince caper is called ‘Two Princes’ and it’s mostly about the player traveling alongside the Black Prince and completing a number of tasks in order to discover the ‘Crown of Heaven’ gem.

To make a long story short: the Black Prince quest-lines are long and intricate indeed, and the ‘Gaze of the Black Prince’ provides a great assist to those who set out to complete it all.
If you want to complete the quest-line or if you’re intrigued by it, jump onboard now and take advantage of the Gaze of Black Prince buff, which shall no longer be available come August 26.

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