Tuesday, August 12

Gold Making Method

A few people are making money from this around the net, I didn't care nor did I tell anyone about it because who am I to shut down someone elses money? Until they decided to spam me on skype cussing at me & such all because I had a gold method for sale which has nothing to do with this. So.. start a fight, lose the war. Or .. at least the money.

What you will need:
Oqueue Exploit found here - http://www.masterofwarcraft.net/2014/08/oqueue-exploit.html
You can get the SVN from iispyderii - oqueue - Revision 27: /trunk

The process:
It will require a high item level, this isn't because you need it to kill stuff. It's because you need it to help with the social engineering aspect of making the gold. You need to look the part as if you have excessive raid knowledge and are worth paying.

You can boost your item level easily via flex raids to get to the point you need to be, clearly this method is used to target people who don't have raiding guilds or are trying to speed boost another toon in item levels.

You can easily jack your item level within a day by getting into raids you should be by using the Oqueue exploite where you can then trick people into thinking you have a higher item level. You then join their groups & start raking in gear until you reach a higher item level.

Now to actually make the gold, you advertise in trade chat that your are selling runs. You set your own price, clearly the higher you set it the more you will make. When you get a buyer or two you form a group using Oqueue & then invite the people buying the rush to a group. They pay you, you run the run normally.

Easy gold without having to do anything, the more time you devote to this the more you will pull in each day.

Simple right?

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