Tuesday, August 12

oqueue exploit

Oqueue is an addon that people have been using to get into awesome premades and RBGs for honor and arena points.

NOTE for RBGs : Someone might notice if you change your mmr for an RBG. Do so at your own risk because it shows up on the scoreboard (not in oqueue though). Changing your mmr in CTA and regular BGs won't be detectable, however.

The problem is that the addon is built upon trust and it's all client-side, so I've added a nice little fix to the current 1.0.8 oqueue LUA so that you'll be able to set whatever resil, pvp power, mmr and ilvl you have so you can join groups that have settings that are higher than YOUR current mmr, resil, pvp power or ilvl!


1. Get the 1.0.8 version of oqueue from their website and follow their instructions.
2. drop my updated oqueue.lua into your oqueue folder and replace the official addon file with this attachment oqueue.rar
3. open this oqueue.lua into a text editor and change the values there to whatever you want:

resil_pwnt = 5000; -- set your resil mmr_pwnt = 1200; -- set your mmr pvpp_pwnt = 8000; -- set your pvp power ilvl_pwnt = 460; -- set your ilvl

Yes that's right. You can now join that 2200 RBG on oqueue but if they are not STUPID they will check your gear and kick you out and ban you from using oqueue if you don't appear to fit the mold of the player they are looking for.

No this is just to get you into a group so you can gear up. If you've got good gear and your mmr is like 1200 you can totally set it to 1900 if you want and go play with them, but you will be awarded a LOT of points after each game, so the group will figure it out and they might complain. It's possible you could get banned from the addon... so use with care!!! And don't be a baddie.

My advice is to join low mmr groups and also other good groups who won't check you through an inspection of your gear.

So if you're all pve gear they will tell you to put on your pvp gear. If you've got contender gear and you put you have 9000 resil someone is gonna figure it out and ban you.

Be smart. Just use this to get into those groups that you KNOW you can perform with. oqueue.rar


1. Will I get banned from Blizzard for using this exploit?

- This is an exploit of an addon, so it is very unlikely that Blizzard would action your account for modifying the addon.
- Blizzard has spoken out against oqueue publicly and will likely break the addon in the future anyway, so it is very possible they would support our exploiting oqueue.

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