The goal here is doing the Grand master pet trainer dailies as smoothly/quickly as possible

You can use this to guide to make money ( buy lvl 1 pet level it to 25 sell it for twice the gold ) or to train pets to beat the Celestials

Aki The Chosen 45,35, 56,88 Team Lineup: Anubisath Idol , Gilnean Raven, and lvl pet
Start with the pet your going to level, it only needs to be in for one round, so choose whatever ability it has and use it, when the round resolves, switch into Anubisath Idol. Begin with Sandstorm. This not only lowers the hit chance of both you and your opponent, but it reduces the incoming damage by 74, Completely mitigating any damage from Chirrup. Just spam Crush until he's down. Save your next sand storm for Stormlash.

Stormlash is easy to navigate. It's just about control. Round 1, he's going to cast Call Lightning. Let him; you're going to use Deflection on it anyway. Round 2 use Sandstorm. This will flip the weather from Call Lightning. Now, just go in and swing Crush until he's dead. You may miss a couple times, but so will he. It's worth the trade off. If he gets Call Lightning out again, just mitigate with Deflect and re-up your Sandstorm.

Whiskers - This is another one of those timing is everything pets. You have to make sure you have Deflection available so you can deflect the Dive resolution. Round 1 is either a Surge or a Dive; either way, just swing with Crush until he Dives. Don't waste Sandstorm just yet as its strong against him and you won't want to waste it while he's underwater. Once Whiskers Dives, use Deflection; it will resolve and no damage will occur. Follow up with Sandstorm; Whiskers will take heavy damage. Rinse and repeat with Crush. When Anubisath goes down, flip into the Raven. Call Darkness and Nocturnal Strike and Alphastrike spam until he's dead.

From there its out to Mo'ruk in Krasarang Wilds 62,45

Mo'ruk Team Lineup: Son of Animus , Emerald Whelpling, lvl pet.

Start with your level pet. Use whatever ability you choose, and flip into Son of Animus. Woodcarver is a beast, he's really just about knowing whats coming next and to take advantage of it. Start with Extra Plating. Hes going to Burrow, so use Siphon Anima when burrow resolves, from here use Metal Fist and rotate Anima Siphon until hes down. Lightstalker rotates in, flip to the Emerald Whelpling.

Lightstalker is Flying. As soon as woodcarver is down, flip into Emerald whelpling. Set the weather to Moonfire, its strong against flyers. After he attacks use Tranquility. Let it tick over the next 2 rounds as you spam Emerald Bite. Lightstalker DOWN!

Once Needleback is Aquatic. He will most likely start with Grasp, so retaliate with Tranquility. From here its Moonfire and Emerald Bite spam, until the whelp or Needleback is down. The Emerald Whelpling can defeat him usually by himself, but if he dies, flip to Son of animus, and just rotate between Extra Plating, Siphon Anima, and Metal fist.

Afterwards head west to the Pandren Flowing Spirit, Dreadwastes 61,87.

Pandren Flowing Spirit Team Lineup: Anubisath Idol , Gilnean Raven, and lvl pet.

Marley is an Aquatic. Start off with Call Darkness, hes going to hit you with whirlpool. Second attack is Nocturnal Strike, hes going to dive. When dive resolves, so will whirlpool, so you might be low in health. So from here just Alphastrike spam until the birds dead, re-upping the darkness and nocturnal when you can.

Tipetoe will usualy start with AOE waves, so use the raven as far as you can into the fight, when it goes down, switch into Anubisath. Start with Sandstorm, it will negate the damage incomming from the waves for your team, and damage Tiptoe. From here, just re up sandstorm and Crush spam until hes dead.

The Water spirit is next, Her first move is whirlpool, this is where you pet switch. Flip to your level pet. Once the round resolves, flip back into Anubisath. The leveling pet just has to persist thru one round, it doesnt even have to do anything. Switch back to Anubisath after she sets whirlpool. You will have 1 round left before whirlpool and Guyser resolve. Its Deflection time! it will negate all that incomming damage , she will re-up her whirlpool and guyser and spam Tidal wave. From here on out its crush spam and sandstorm on CD.

When shes down it finishes out with Burning Pandren Spirit in Townlong Steppes 57,42.

Burning Pandren Spirit Team Lineup: Anubisath Idol , Spineclaw Crab, and lvl pet.

Crimson is a dragonkin. Start off with Anubisath and use Crush. Your second attack will be Sandstorm, even though hes in the air and it doesn't connect, it will change the weather and start negating damage. Use deflect next as crimsons liftoff resolves and misses you completely. Now just lay into him with crush till hes dead.

Burning Pandaren Fire Spirit is an elemental. She starts off with Immolate, so your deflect should be up. If it isn't, don't worry, her next attack is Cauterize, then Conflagrate, so if its on CD for immolate, use it on conflagrate. Either way, either deflect or crush for the start of round 2. Her next move is cauterize, followed by immolate then she stands there for 2 turns. So here's where you just keep wailing away with crush and sand storm, using deflect after every third attack, as that's her cool down process. it will always be an attack, cauterize, attack, cd, cd. crush spam till shes dead.

Glowey is pretty much a give me with the right tools. Start off with sandstorm. then deflect the toxin. When she goes into her swarm, switch to the pet your going to level. Sand storm completely negates any incomming damage from the swarm, as long as your pet is like over level 16 or so. if not it takes little damage. switch back Anubisath, and just sandstorm crush spam till shes dead

Courageous Yon 35,85, 73,76 Team Lineup : Anubisath idol and lvl pet + a third pet at random ( or even a second pet you want to lvl ).

Start Of with the pet you are leveling do 1 attack it doesn't mather wich one. After that Piqua will Fly, Switch to Anubisath and deflect his attack then cast Sandstorm, Keep spamming crush until he Fly's up aigan and just deflect it aigan. Save your next sandstorm for lapin. So just crush him till death.

Next up is Lapin Use sandstorm first he will burrow next just use crush and use deflection next round. spam crush and use sandstorm when it is of CD when he burrows aigan use deflection and crush him till death

Now for Bleat Spam crush and use sandstorm whenever it comes of CD when he starts use Chew just use Deflection to avoid the damage and spam crush and sandstorm until he is death

Next up is Farmer Nishi.

Farmer Nishi 50,61, 64,80 Team Set up: Anubisath Idol and 2 Pets you want to lvl

Siren always opens with Sunlight, so your immediate first round counter is Sandstorm. Her second cast is always to get the heal going, Photosynthesis, so Crush on the second round. Then Solar Beam will always come third, so Deflection it away. Siren then has to recharge for two rounds, so Crush until Deflection is off cooldown and use Deflection again, which will catch the next Solar Beam. She'll have two rounds of recharging, so Crush for them both then on the third round, if Siren is still alive, you'll see 1 cooldown round left on your Deflection. This round she restarts her opening order, and you should too: Sandstorm to counter her Sunlight, then Crush as she renews Photosynthesis, and Deflection to catch Solar Beam. Usually she'll be dead before that third Solar Beam, though, unless you were really unlucky with Crush misses.

Next up is Toothbreaker, who immediately submerges with Sons of the Root. Swap in your low level pet who should take no damage at all from the Sons thanks to Sandstorm, unless the pet is an elemental which ignores the weather. You can either swap right back out, or have the low level pet do one action -- which will guaranteed miss Toothbreaker, so it's a nice bonus if it is something that buffs your team without having to hit, or it lays a trap. Then bring back the Idol, who will get hit with the Leech Seed, but it really doesn't matter so don't waste a turn deflecting it.. I recommend delaying a refresh of Sandstorm until the next submerge, because with clear weather your Crush has improved hit chance and damage, and Toothbreaker isn't doing meaningful damage to you.

The path from here depends a little on whether your second leveling slot is also a low level or is a 20+ pet who can finish off the fight. I personally prefer the latter, using my 25 Darkmoon Tonk set up with Missile, Shock and Awe, and Ion Cannon, but mathematically you get the same XP (split across two pets) if you use two low levels. You get the least combined XP for a low level plus a 20-24 pet. If you do use two low levels, then time the swap with another submerge. Finish Toothbreaker with Crushes.

When Brood of Mothallus comes out, Crush the first round and then he Burrows. Nothing useful you can do in that second round, so just pass. In the third round, counter the Burrow hit with Deflection. If you used your two leveling slots on low levels against Toothbreaker, then just slowly finish out the fight with Anubisath. Otherwise, after beating Brood down as far as you can without killing it, let Brood kill the Idol and bring in your 20+ pet to finish off the fight. The Brood's attacks are strong against Undead, Critter and Humanoid, weak against Flying and Aquatic. As a Beast it is vulnerable to Mechanical attacks and resistant to Humanoid attacks.

Have fun Pet battling and Don't forget to equip your Safari Hat !

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