In this guide we will be looking at farming trash inside Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj for transmog gear that sells for ridiculous amounts of gold on the action house. 

We will be running through the raid instance without killing any bosses, so we’re able to run out and reset without getting saved.

Installing these addons is not required but it will make it a lot easier knowing if the item is worth keeping and posting the items you’ve farmed on the AH later on, will explain how to use them later.

Create an account on WoWuction and select your realm, then go to Resources > Data Export and download "Get TSM_WoWuction module data export for YOUR SERVER" put the .lua file into /Interface/Addons/TradeSkillMaster_WoWuction

The raid instance is located in the south of Silithus (Check screenshot). If you have the portal to Uldum from Org/SW that would most likely be the fastest way.

Blue = Optional
Red = Normal run

When you get to the 2nd boss, make sure to not kill any trash inside the room! That's gonna get you saved and you wont be able to reset the instance.


When you are doing the run you will run into these small neutral mobs called Silicate feeder, KILL these small bastards! These also drops highly valuable transmog pieces.

To make your runs smoother:

• Stay on your mount as much as possible to make it easier to pull bigger packs of mobs.
• When killing a bigger pack of mobs stand against a wall to avoid getting knocked back.

Now that you’re picking up green items here and there it’s important to decide which items you want to be selling as transmog on the AH and what items you want to vendor. I usually save everything worth more than 100g and vendor the rest. If you don’t mind posting a lot of auctions you can of course lower the minimum amount you will save an item for, I’m just lazy :P

When you’re picking up an item and hover over it you will see that this tooltip comes up

Here you want to be looking at the Global market median because it’s the most accurate price for the item. After running the raid a few times I would recommend sending the gear you want to sell to an alt. If you’re posting all the transmog gear on your main it will be a pain managing all the bag space and it will save you a lot of time.

we posted a sick thread explaining how to post your transmog gear, check it out here.
However it’s a little bit outdated because The Undermine Journal recently shut down so in this guide we will be using Wowuction instead. 

The only difference is that you change some of the settings for your Operation in TSM.

Create a TSM group and add all your transmog gear you want to sell.
Make an operation with the following settings and add it to the group:

Minimum Price: “30% wowuctionRegionMedian”
Maximum Price: “150% wowuctionRegionMedian”
Normal Price: “95% wowuctionRegionMedian”
When Below Minimum: “Don’t Post Items”
When Above Maximum: “Post at Maximum Price”

If you need more information about posting the auctions I suggest reading Stevesgamebox’s thread (even if you don’t need any info I highly recommend checking it out).

That’s it! Thanks for taking your time reading this post and it’s time to make some bank ;)

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