Monday, September 22

Transmogrification: Mistweaver Monk.

Apparently It took forever to get the Grizzly Jerkin. The creater had a friend with a toon on another server and found it on the AH there. he planned to move that toon to our newly merged realm so he did. That thing came from another dimension.

  • Head : Huntsmans cap
  • Shoulders : Mistdancer Shoulders (Mistweaver Monk boost gear though there are look alikes)
  • Back : Mistdancer Cloak of Wisdom (Mistweaver Monk boost gear)
  • Chest : Grizzly Jerkin
  • Hands : Contenders Wyrmhide Gloves
  • Waist : Tree Wardens belt
  • Lags : Clefthoof Hide Leggings
  • Staff : Stanchion of Primal Instinct
  • Mount : Emerald Hippogryph

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