Sunday, October 19

Boomkin form in Restoration / Guardian - Gamebreaking Bonuses

Hi all, as the title states it's currently possible to get Boomkin Form working in any specialization, and here's how:
  1. Specialize into the specialization (Guardian or Restoration) you want to have Boomkin Form in.
  2. Set your off-spec to Balance
  3. Queue for a Skirmish as DPS
  4. Enter the Skirmish and it should set you as balance, change into Boomkin form (and stay in it) do not leave, you must win the skirmish.
  5. After winning, click leave arena.

You can relog and keep the form activated. Certain spells will maintain the form (see below)

List of known spells that work in form:
  • Cenarion Ward
  • Healing Touch
  • Rejuvination
  • Wild Mushroom
  • Wrath
  • Moonfire
  • Nature's Swiftness
  • Nature's Cure
  • Ironbark
  • Barkskin
  • Wild Growth
  • Wild Charge
  • Genesis

Spells that do not work:
  • Swiftmend

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