Sunday, October 19

[Minor] Bypass class role for dungeon queue (YMMV)

If you have a character that last queued as heals before the pre-patch without a heal spec, you can still get pulled into dungeons with a healing role. This may also work for the tank role.

I have a monk that was last set up as heals and damage, to quickly queue for the Grim Guzzler dungeon. When I logged into it today to do Headless Horseman, I was marked only as DPS on the dungeon finder screen. I hit queue and went into the dungeon as heals. I relogged and replicated this with a random MoP queue.

I have not tried switching between specs or unchecking the DPS box, as I'm afraid it might reset my role availability. Could be available to everyone like the talents if it's only controlled by the UI (since it remembered me as heals from last time).

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