Tuesday, October 7

Easy 2k/hour vendoring crafted items (Tailoring)

A really simple tip/guide for those that afk alot and want to make a buck while doing it.

Windwool cloth, as cheap as it is right now can easily profit you around 1-7g a stack by crafting them into cloaks and vendoring those.

Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Cloak of Prowess  Sells for 17g, 4s, 27c and aslong as you don't spend more then that on the Bolts or Cloth you can make a tidy profit. You can learn to craft the cloak through the usage of your Imperial silk cooldown. If for example a stack of Bolts cost 70g on your server:

17g (4 bolts equals a cloak) * 5 = 85g.

The break even point is a little bit over 85s/cloth or 4.25g/bolt, so aslong as you stay below these values when purchasing the cloth, not only will you inflate the economy a bit, but you can make a nice and steady profit while you are at it! If cloth prices are really low on your server, you can even make up to 3-4k an hour with regular cloth postings ^^

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