Tuesday, October 7

Earn tons of gold with the WoW pre-patch!

Currently there are enchants like mongoose that they haven't adjusted any further during the Beta and Ptr. All other enchants and gems were toned done except for certain on proc enchants!

Mongoose for example gives 120 agility and 40 haste while Dancing steel gives 104 agility on proc. While due the RPPM mechanics it won't make alot of a difference, there are other enchants like battlemasters, sunfire/soulfrost etc. that also seem to be better then their counterparts! Due to the current low supply and even lower demand, most of the mats are dirt-cheap and while it may only last 2-3 weeks, you can still make a good chunk of money if you prepare beforehand!

Most people don't realise that the enchants from pre-mop are better so there will be an extremely low supply. If you make the people aware of it after the pre-patch hits you can make a really good buck from this ^^

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