This is a guide on farming silvercarp in vale with potion of luck for treasure, and skyshards and while it's known (credit to those posts) I thought I'd share my individual method.

Go to 30.22,77.70 it's a lily pad and it's important to use this pad its just beside the 4 pads where the rare spawns.

Now you'll want to do this on a ranged class preferably I use hunter and lock.
Go to a site like lazy macros and get a macro for your class which will perform your rotation in just 1 button there are many.

Now put this macro to your bar and while on the one lily pad simply put something heavy on one of your arrow keys to spin while spamming the macro.

You will hit a fish while spinning so it gives it time to reach you for group looting and they die fast in good gear.

You can automate the macro clicking with a simple auto clicker + weight on arrow key but I do it manually and just set a stopwatch for 5 minutes and spam the macro while watching tv.

Results after 1 hour:
42 greens
4 boe blues 
3 skyshards
31 treasure chests
212g in gray vendor trash all while watching the walking dead pressing "1" on my keyboard.

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