Wednesday, October 8

Money off CMs

This is best done on a low pop server and is a bit of a dick move...
  • Step 1: Buy all invisibility pots off AH (only were 2 stacks on mine at 79g/stack) on an alt
  • Step 2: Repost at 200g per 5
  • Step 3: create CM group on main and invite unskilled/unprepared players
  • Step 4: get to dungeon requiring invis and start explaining about when to use pots, those without freak out hearth to buy and say to summon
  • Step 5: they buy overpriced pots because group is waiting/they don't know normal market price.
  • Step 6: complete CM, do some attempts or have an emergency and leave depending on what level douche bag you want to be.

I usually try to do the CMs with the group and have actually gotten 2 on gold and 3 on silver doing this and make an easy 2kg from getting them all to buy the pots. I am sure this is common sense to some and obviously requires you to be able to corner the market, this is just a twist where you corner it then create the demand instantly.

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