Thursday, October 9

Salyin War Banner trick

The Salyin War Banner's (Salyin Battle Banner) Salyin Warscout can taunt, aggro an reset bosses and quest npcs that are unattackable if they have red names.

I discovered this when running the 5 man TOC and i used it during The Black Night's role play speech, the Warscout aggroed the boss and he ran while still unattackable fighting the scout.
To test if my theory was correct I headed into Mogushan Palace and went to the first boss, the Trial of the King, I used the banner on one of the minibosses and he pulled and reset while Xin the Weaponmaster was still doing his roleplay speech and completely broke the encounter. It could no longer be started and all the NPCs are unattackable, and standing around as if the fight was going on and I was not in combat showing this exploit can have real potential.

I hope someone finds a use for this exploit even if it is simply something fun

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