Tuesday, October 28

Elemental Shaman MANY Earthquakes

Currently found this bug to get as many Earthquakes down possible for 15 seconds! This will allow you to constantly place Earthquake after Earthquake without having to wait for Echo of the Elements to proc constantly. This is great for opening massive damage on fights like Spoils / Dark Shamans.

If you play Ele Shaman, you will know that Ascendance is not meant to affect the cooldown of Earthquake, however if you have a proc of Echo of the Elements before you pop ascendance, you can spam it loads!

  • Step 1) Get an Echo of the Elements Proc (Earth Shock a target for an easy one)
  • Step 2) Pop Ascendance 
  • Step 3) Spam Earthquake placements for as long as you can!

That's all

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