Friday, October 10

Flask exploit for 3 hours in 6.0

This works when you copy over characters to PTR or beta but it might work when 6.0 hits live server this reset.

If you use a flask and refresh it again for max duration and log off the day before patch day you will keep the original flask effect pre-squish. On beta int flasks give you 114 int but if you transfer over a character with a already active flask it will give you 1000 int or 1320 as alchemy. If you do it right you could have some fun for the first 3 hours you play in 6.0.

Good idea would be flask up before patch hit and wait until it's raid time to log on show up with double the int of any caster and do insane dps for rank 1 logs.

It wont let you refresh the flask sadly..It will give you a error saying you already have a more powerful effect active.

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