Friday, October 10

Every server has this guy

I consider carrying them the tax for not making my own group. It's a damned asspain, I'd rather carry a low leveled leader who built a solid group than build one myself.

The other day, I noticed a group I was with (565+ 25 SoO) was carrying a few people (like really carrying, fresh boosts). I asked why, and if they paid for a carry in a whisper to the RL as to not offend them. The RL responded "who r u, fuckin noob." Then I asked on vent. Got called an asshole. I may or may not have facepulled and left but that's beside the point. Later, though, I saw his guild advertising full SoO clears for 65k. My suspicions were confirmed. If you're gonna PuG people to carry others, at least give them a cut, you fucking pricks.

Edit: Ended with "Enjoy your Sha Lockout you fucking scrub" before he ignored me. Kind of funny considering I'm a 570 hunter who needs absolutely nothing from SoO

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