There were well over 1000 gnomes running!

Off we go! So many gnomes that you can't see because of phasing

On our way to Ironforge

The gnome train rolls through Ironforge!

Waiting patiently...

That's a lot of nameplates on the tram

Filtering through Stormwind

Selfie while waiting at the gates for late tram-riders

Through duskwood

Slightly festive

Into STV!

Quite a few fell here lol

Got chased by a croc and lived to tell the tale

We made it to the party in BB!

It's heart time!

After the party we boarded the boat to lick Garrosh!

Gathering outside the gates...someone reset IJ!

Nobody can stop us!

Except..the guards...and horde players...

A few of these runs followed

Almost there!

Hi Garry!

Whoa, easy there!

Ahhhh! We just wanted to lick you!

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