Sunday, October 19

Hallow's End in destroyed Theramore

Looks like Blizzard forgot to phase the Hallow's End stuff out of destroyed Theramore this year. Click the image for more.

Everything that should be solid is solid. You can stand on the apple bowl and sit in the chairs from it. Should make for some interesting screenshots with your friends!

Edit: As an aside, it seems that the non-phased is merged with the phased Theramore. This may not be limited to Hallow's End. Troops are floating around and players are walking on air around me.

Patch: 6.0.2
People needed: Solo
Class: Any
Items: None
Professions: None
Third party tools: None.
Disconnects: None.
Mounts: Any flying mount.
Macros: None.

Method: Simply visit Theramore during Hallow's End while not in the time-travel phase.

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