Monday, October 20

WOW’s “The Iron Tide” is Here

Blizzard have announced the latest patch to their World of Warcraft yesterday, a patch quite pretentiously titled “The Iron Tide”. The Iron Tide is here to fix a number of issues with the game, amounting to a rather hefty list of hot-fixes.
As far as environmental improvements go, the patch did away with the sometimes empty Treasure Chests on Timeless Isle. The Ogre Combat quest is gone as well, after all Master Aitokk has apparently been dead for a while, so the last place he’d be is offering quests to players.

Quest-wise, there’s always something that manages to tick people off, and indeed, nothing accomplishes that better than a quest which just cannot be finished. We’re talking about High Recognition of course, another issue which has now been done away with.
To the Skies! and the Legendary Cloak quest line have also been overhauled a bit. In the former, Taoshi no longer de-spawns after her arrival, and in the latter, the Judgment of the Black Prince no longer carries a guild reputation requirement.

Players will be glad to find that in the Temple of the Jade Serpent, the damage dealt by Strife and Peril has finally been reduced so it’s no longer as ludicrous as it used to be.
In arenas and battlegrounds, the winning team will pick up more honor points, but this fix is temporary, lasting till the opening of the Draenor Portal, which will reset it.
Various NPCs above lvl 90 will no longer appear in locations like Alterac Valley, Isle of Conquest and Strands of the Ancients.

The bottom line: The Iron Tide has done a decent job of cleaning up some of the most annoying issues present in the game, essentially preparing it for the launch of Warlords of Draenor. Those who will return to the game in the coming days/weeks, will be certainly glad not to run into any unexpected problems.

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