Thursday, October 16

Kil'jaeden-Horde throwing Garrosh a goodbye party

He'll be back. Blizz will find a way to make Garry the final boss of WoD. I love me a good redemption story and arc. Don't get me wrong, they are usually quite fun.

But god almighty WoW has way too many. Let Garry be evil. Let him stay that way. Let him rot that way.

I appreciate that they made this character that's so easy to hate. He has his misplaced honor/moral code and an unsustainable lust for power. Despite some issues with presentation in the game, I think Garrosh is/was a great villain that deserves the slow and painful burn into defeat he has received. His mark can/should be left and felt by the game, but it should not ever be reversed.

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