Wednesday, October 15

The Joy of Draenor Cooking Recipe Book before WoD

If you can manage to get to Tharbek's side of the balcony in the new dungeon (It's fairly simple, jump from one ledge to another and follow it along the wall to the other side of the room) you can pull a level 101 ogre ( and a few dogs from the hall behind the balcony area. They have a chance to drop The Joy of Draenor Cooking - Item - World of Warcraft and a few greens ilevel 580-593.

Taking this one step further, if you charge to the orge you can get through the gate. From there you can do the rest of the instance which is not scaled down. Ragewing oneshotted me but presumably if you can kill the last two bosses they should drop WoD loot.

Standing on the balcony you jump down from. This is the southern corner. Jump down and move to the end of the ledge.

I used a speed boost (Tiger's Lust) to get across. You might miss a time or two, but it's pretty easy to get the hang of.

I've gone down the ledge and getting ready to jump again. You can see the gate the boss comes through in the background. You can use another speed boost, goblin glider, Flying Serpent Kick, or presumably anything like Blink, Disengage, etc.

I've jumped once and got on an invisible ledge. Jump once more and take a right. You'll see the portal to Blackwing Lair to the left and a gate to your right.

The gate has the level 100 mob through it and some level 90 mobs. They will aggro and run through it. You can't go through it, but it doesn't block line of sight and you can cast through it.

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