Tuesday, October 14

RBG Exploit - Guaranteed Win With Video

The exploit is as follows:
When standing at a certain angle facing the fireplace at Battle for Gilneas, one can simply death grip people into the fireplace, and they remain stuck there or less they use the unstuck button (Which you can't use if there is aoe on you).

In certain circumstances I've been able to grip about five people in there at once, the only thing you have to watch out for is:
  • Mages and Druids can blink out
  • Priests can grip people out.

To explain how gamebreaking this is let me explain a scenario I was in (This is explained in the video).

I was playing on a scrub team at about 2100cr, me and my friend just joined because we we're bored really the group had no potential at all and we were against a serious team at about 2300cr. In the first team fight at waterworks they wiped the floor with us, we were wipied probably in less than a minute.
By using this exploit we won incredibly easily.

Then following the bg I got a lot of Grand Marshalls sending me abuse lol.

Please throw the creator a sub on his channel He is going to start making more video like this

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