With the Current Toy-Box u can now Use some Toy's in Arena And RBG! (Not-intended)

You can Use the Toy : [World Enlarger] in Arena Causing you to be Very Small

World Enlarger - Item - World of Warcraft

Tested in 6.0.3 : Nagrand Arena ( Skirmish)


This is usefull for Hiding Under other Players or Pets ( For instance if theres alot of pets in the Arena Match (Hunter Stampede) u Will be Practically Invisible under the Pets )
And it Also Probably Lowers your Hitbox of ur Character for Edges on pillars or Spells even! (Not Confirmed)

Can be Mixed with this Item : [Gnomeregan Pride] : Gnomeregan Pride - Item - World of Warcraft
Causing u to go even Smaller! ( but it has a big CD)

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