Thursday, November 13

Avoid long que to servers!

I just found out a way to bypass the que time after been stuck @ 2700 positioning in que after 3min i went into Bnet to see if theres free server miggs for any of my chars, i was in que at this time and tried to press on one of my chars, suddenly i got into my char list and could soon loggin to the game.

Took few attemps as it sayd "charater not found" but after 5min of trying to loggin i were online, alot better then these 60min+ it should have take.

  2. Charater migg
  3. Try press on one of you chars (now should logg you into game) on Bnet it says that you allready got char logged into the game.
  4. Loggin with you char (will say charater not found) try it few times, restart wow as you will still bypass the que system.

GG 5min of work to bypass 60min+ que

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