Thursday, November 13

720k exp per hour (instant respawn 4k hp mobs), can be automated (risky though)

I finished the initial Dark Portal quests on my Human Mage, and now after escaping to Shadowmoon Valley I found this nest with about 5 level 90 Lunarfall Chicks with 4k hp each, they respawn almost instantly.

Each of them give 495 exp, in a minute, spamming Arcane Explosion, I got aprox. 12k exp, so this would be 720k exp per hour. It's not too fast but you can just spam an AoE button while watching TV or get an autoclicking software on your AoE spell (it's RISKY!!!)

Here is the location:

Would like to add this only works if you donot have a garrison. If you do ,you cannot do this atleast as far as i can tell all the lunarclaws disappear when you get your garrison up

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