Tuesday, November 18

Disenchant WoD gear without Enchanting

So not much seems to work in other peoples garrison but in the Enchanters hut they have a well that you can click on and disenchant Warlords of Draenor gear. Tried a mop crafted but that didnt work.

  1. Find a buddy/guildie/random person with enchanters study.
  2. Have them invite you to a group
  3. View leaders garrison (right click on char & where reset instances/raid diff etc)
  4. Goto their Enchanters Study
  5. Click on the well in the centre
  6. Click on WoD item you wish to Disenchant
  7.  Voila mats 
Wowhead says can't de epics from it thought but aint got to try any wod ones to confirm.

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