This is Horde Only at the moment. But stay tuned, I'll work on an Alliance guide tomorrow.

I found this very efficient as an alternative way of leveling my character.
I keep my pets alive with the Revive Battle Pet ability

Keep in mind that I did this manually and did not use any bots or other sorts of 3rd party program, but I would assume it was possible to use a bot if find it boring to do yourself.

I've been doing this for three days and achieved level 100 today, took me roughly about 4-5 hours to get 3 and a half level while I was out questing for the rest.
This is a good way to level if you enjoy pet battles in general and doesn't like a certain area in particular, I skipped Spires of Arak myself as I didn't find the zone interesting at all.

Acces to your Garrison.
Atleast three pets at level 20+ (Recommended pet level: 25)
Plenty of Garrison Resources(atleast 100 if you're above level 91)
Horde only!

Where you want to be: Frostfire Ridge right outside your Garrison.
Look for the Battle Pets called Icespine Hatchling. (They roam in the red circle on the map at the buttom of the post)

We're going to battle the following pets; Icespine Hatchling, Frostfur Rat and Twilight Wasp
(Although sometimes you may run into 2x Critters instead which can be; Rat and or Fire-Proof Roach)

What we know!
The enemy types are: Beast, Critter and Flying.
So we're going to use; Mechanical, Beast and Magic.

It's close to the Garrison, so you can always go see Provisioner Rashma and get a new Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning for 100 Garrison Resources to get 20% extra experience for an hour - Yes this does affect Pet Battle EXP, even though it only say Killing Mobs and Quests, I can confirm this.(REQUIRES LEVEL 91)

My Pet Combination
I personally use Clockwork Gnome, Baby Blizzard Bear and Arcane Eye.(See Useful spells for spell links)
Because; Clockwork Gnome does around 940 damage with Launch Rocket in after two turns, which almost one-shots the Icespine Hatchling there have 840HP to 1400HP.
I use the Baby Blizzard Bear because of the Hibernate spell, so you can easily get full health after a couple of battles.
Arcane Eye because when using Mana Surge it takes only two attacks(sometimes three) to kill the Twilight Wasp, which resaults in an easy kill on the critter because it will be damaged from the last hitting Mana Surge.

Useful Pet Spells
Mechanical Spells: Launch Rocket and Repair
Magical Spell: Mana Surge
Beast Spell: Hibernate and Devour
Critter Spell: Perk Up
Aquatic Spells: Cleansing Rain, Healing Stream, Healing Wave and Renewing Mists

(No point in using these unless it's all you have, but I'll list them anyways)
Dragonkin Spells: Ancient Blessing, Healing Flame and Emerald Dream
Humanoid Spells: Love Potion, Restoration and Humanoid Passive Ability which grants them 4% of their maximum hp if they deal damage during a round)
Undead Spells: Absorb, Consume Corpse, Consume, Death Coil and Leech Life
Elemental Spells: Inspiring Song, Leech Seed, Photosynthesis, Plant, Soothing Mists and Cauterize

Pet Locations!

I hope this is helpful for everyone looking to level up with this method.

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