Monday, November 24

fast repution with Steamwheedle Preservation Society using CRZ

Using this method I got from neutral to revered with Steamwheedle Preservation Society in about 1.5 hours and earned about 1.5k gold.

You these will be farming 2 rare bosses:
Gagrog the Brutal - NPC - World of Warcraft
Aogexon - NPC - World of Warcraft

They have 100% drop chance of an reputation quest item which is turned in for 500 reputation each. So you get 500 reputation per kill. They also have a fairly high chance to drop a lootbag containing 300% exp pot and 1-5 vendor trash item which is sold for 90g each to vendor.

Beeing able to solo them will be crucial, this is done easily for me as a BM Hunter.

The trick to use premade raid finder to get transported to different realms with CRZ. There is ALOT of raid groups at the moment in the premade raid finder for some rare boss so getting invited to raid groups atm is VERY easy.

They have a pretty short spawn time so when you switch realms they are usually up most of the time, usually takes 2-3 tries before getting to a realm with a spawned boss.

So what I did is just stand where these 2 rare bosses spawn, spam raid groups in the premade raid finder untill i found a server where they were spawned and then killed them solo.

I found that this was alot faster then running around chasing all the other rare bosses that drops these reputation items.

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