With the unlocking of Trading Post Level 2, you unlock the Laughing Skull faction where you can buy various items, including a cool transmog helm: Golden Visage of the Laughing Skull. These can only be bought if you are on a certain reputation stage. The only way to gain reputation right now is by farming mobs in The Pit and Everbloom (both located in Gorgrond).

As some already have viewed on WoWhead or already know about it, in the Everbloom zone there are NPC's that drops a pool that gives a buff, callled mutagen (Mutagen - Spell - World of Warcraft)

What the big idea is with this buff? It stacks 20x and lasts 5-6 minutes. When it reaches 20 stacks, your movement speed, all attributes and enhancements are increased by 100%. This basically means you can one or two shot most of the mobs around the area if you are DPS/tank specced. Each mob gives around 5 reputation, but since the only way to gain rep is by grinding, this one is by far the most efficient.

How and where to get this buff? First of, the NPC we will be killing is this one: Twisted Guardian - NPC - World of Warcraft
The best place to kill this NPC is around the area of Everbloom OVERLOOK, not Everbloom Wilds. In Everbloom Wilds there are to few NPC's that drops the pool.

Now the trick to stacking this buff is as follow:

1) Go to the area where there are at least 2-3 Twisted Guardian or Enthralled Mutant or a combination of those.
2) Tag the 1st one and leave his HP around 10-15%.
3) Tag the 2nd one and kill it.
4) The 2nd one drops a green-ish pool. Walk over it and you notice you will get a mutagen stack.
5) Now kill the 1st one (the one with 10-15% hp) AFTER the pool of the 2nd one despawns. This is important because sometimes the pools overlaps and you won't get the stacks. Then when it spawns its pool, walk over it.
6) If done correctly, your stack is now sitting at 2 and the duration is refreshed.
7) Now hurry up and kill the 3rd one quickly. Again, walk over the pool and refresh your buff.
Last step) Now kill the rest of the Twisted Guardian and Enthralled Mutant until you get 20 stacks.

There is one important note though: Each time you refresh the stack you get damage. So around 10 stacks, it will deal quite some damage. It is adviseable to have your health up around 90-100% each time you walk over a pool.

Now if all done correctly, you will one-two shot the mobs in the local residence, hence speeding up your reputation grind. Also the movement speed bonus is a plus, making you able to travel large distance in a short amount of time.

Do note that you need to refresh this buff. You can refresh it by doing the steps mentioned above. Don't worry about the amount of the stacks - when you are for example at 1 min and 20 stacks, refreshing the stacks only takes 1 kill on Twisted Guardian/Enthralled Mutant and it will instantly refresh the duration when you walk over the pool. Do note that you need around 90-100% hp to not insta kill yourself when you walk over it.

It is adviseable to do this in a party of 2-3 man to speed up the process. Have fun grinding!

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