Saturday, November 22

Keep Personal Group in dungeons(kinda)

As we all know(since the hotfix) the heroics now run under personal loot system again(don't get confused here)

But you are able to change and force the change to stay by doing the following:

#1 Que up with 5players(they don't need to stay once inside)
#2 enter and change loot type to the one you want(master loot/need before greed/group loot)
#3 someone leaves the dungeon
#3.5 you are no longer considered a 5man premade
#4 you use the dungeon finder to replace them
#5 dungeon finder finds you replacment
#6 Loot type that you changed by queing 5man will not change back to that of the non premade group.
#7 as long as you stay and Re-que from inside this group the loot type should be what you set it.

This way you can keep whatever loot type you want in the dungeon/looking for raids, so if you get few friends to tag you a fast que before you go to bed and you don't want x loot type you can change it and replace em.

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