Tuesday, November 25

Get an invasion fast

Hello there. I'd like to share a method for getting an easy invasion - I've already got 3 of them this week that way (third time my party was finally able to get a gold medal).

First of all, why would you like to get an invasion? For epic lootz (heh), of course:

Garrison Invasions - Guides - Wowhead

If you're able to get a gold medal, you have a shot at getting an ilvl 645 items, including weapon - so it is kinda sweet deal at the moment.

Getting back on topic: I've tried grinding out the Pit & other places, but it didn't have any effect. Instead using the new premade group system I've created a party named 'Need help with your invasion?'. Needless to say, I've been able to find 3 ppl with invasions on standby in short amount of time. Just be patient, a lot of folks will join for a free phasing, but it'll happen.

Oh and have a good dps on standby - be ready to carry the person with the invasion.

Good luck with your epic lootz

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