Wednesday, November 26

Raw Boar Meat 110/hour | ~2500-5200 Gold/Hour

I wanted to get some Raw Boar Meat for the crit food. It is also the most expensive meat on my realm.

The meat itself goes for around 25 Gold each and the 75 crit food sells at 35-40gold each. 

At 700 cooking I make 5 Raw Boar Meat in to 7 of the crit food which gave me 150 of the food.

According to TSM you could make even more profit in making the 100 crit food, especially when we get close to the raids.

I even checked the AH and right now there is NO competition for the food and very little for the meat!


  • 110 Raw Boar Meat is 2500 Gold per Hour. (Can cook in to Blackrock Ham)
  • 150 Blackrock Ham is 5200 Gold per Hour.

Location: 39,19 Frostfire Ridge 


Mob: Bloodmaul Dire Boar - NPC - World of Warcraft

The spot was a little clunky at first with a few wait times until I got it going smoother. Had Tommrok with me to sell trash items and greens aswell. (Got 8 during the hour I tried this)
I will try cooking the food to the 100 crit version and see how much I make in the end.

EDIT: I made the 100 Crit Food called Blackrock Barbecue.
I got 189 of them which sells on my realm for 11340 Gold. (I doubt they will sell easily but I will give it a try)
The cost of the fish and Fireweed to make it is around 700 gold. Which is still a hefty profit, and there are NO ONE selling them.
Now if you don't mind running fishing bots then you can just bot the fish which would take around 1 to 1.5 hours I believe and Fireweed you get daily at your little Farm in your Garrison.

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