Tuesday, November 11

[Horde] Fastest [The Black Prince] Rep and Item farming - Dominance Offensive area

Fastest rep farming for 'The Black Prince'?
Huge amount of items in a minimal amount time (gold farming?)
Horde-side only - I have not checked this area from an alliance side.
This is NOT about using AoE spells to group up mobs - this is usually a one-mob instant respawn.

There is an anomaly with mobs in the Dominance Offensive area - the mobs can respawn instantly,
setting up for fast farming.

Here is how it works:
Approach the first tower closest to the Domination Point Demolishers. Specifically, there are
two depressions in the sand where an alliance priest (one at each depression) is casting
Resurrection and un-targetable mobs run to the Alliance base.
Demolishers grid location: 78.5, 27.9
Reference tower: 79.3, 24.7
Location of anomaly: 80.4, 26.1

At the depression in the shadow of the tower (and closest to the water, but the other depression
Priest may work too), you can either:
a) Wait for the specific targetable mob to spawn
b) Interrupt the 'Lion's Landing Priest' but do not kill (if you do, then you have to wait for option a)

The mob will spawn at the lip of the depression and you will know it's the correct mob when it does NOT run to the Alliance base and is targetable.

  1. Tag the mob as fast as possible (tag = dmg, thus making the mob *your* mob)
  2. Kill the mob and you will notice it respawns immediately.
  3. Kill the Priest and resume loop-killing the mob.

+ The name of the instant-respawn mob is 'Shieldwall Rifleman'
+ On option b), Tag the priest and vanish or just run around NOT attacking. If you run out of the area,then the Priest will reset, but you may miss the spawn time of the mob.
+ Running around NOT attacking the Priest is probably the best option - I have been able to get
several mobs to spawn, mostly because: one spawns when the Priest is being attacked and
one spawns on a timer (basically, both option a) and b) are hit)
+ The mob will not respawn immediately if you are standing next to the mob (take several steps back.)
Melee: this means YOU. As a rogue, I took several steps away, in any direction and BAM! respawn.
+ Ranged dmg: have fun standing in one place and loop-killing!
+ Fastest I could loop kill is like this: On my Arcane Mage, I could get a huge number of these mobs
down very quickly because of the instant respawn - something around 35 in 60 or less seconds?
It goes quick. Stop once in a while, grab your loot, take a few steps back and resume the loop-killing.
The faster you kill, the faster you can get through these...
+ If you Tag the mob too slow (like 5-10 seconds), the mob will despawn and you have to start at
either option a) or b) again and, usually, needing to wait for the Priest to respawn because you killed
the Priest, did you not? :^)
+ The Priest can be killed to your pleasure as long as you continually kill your mob.
+ Check the loot table of the 'Shieldwall Rifleman' mob, but I have used this to get a quick amount of
Lesser Charm of Good Fortune, Windwool cloth, etc.
+ Obviously, the quest to open up the Dominance Offensive area must be completed first. The name of
the quest is 'Meet the scout.' On wowhead.com, the comments say that if you have abandoned the
quest, then you can talk to Sunwalker Dezco on the terrace at the Shrine of the Two Moons to take
a quest and re-start the quest chain. Once you can see the tower referenced above (Reference tower),
then this exploit is available.

1. Is it possible to Tag the mob, wait a bit for the mob to attack you, let it move toward you, keep it alive until another mob respawns and, thereby, have to up at once? I am thinking that it is better to just kill the mob asap and get another respawn.

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