Tuesday, November 11

Say what you want about the new models, the expressions are flawless. Haters gunna hate.

I stay up to late, yell to loud in vent

That's what people say, mm-m. That's what people say, mm-m.

I start too many pugs, but I can't make 'em stay

At least that's what guildies say, mm-m. That's just what they say, mm-m.

But I keep queueing, can't stop won't stop raiding. It's like I've got this voice in my mind saying I'm gonna get it soon.

Btw, do any of you guys know of any particularily good Warcraft music producers? League has all these talented artist and bands like Badmin, Instalok, the Yordles, Popushi and Rawb which I listen to quite often and I'd love to hear something similiar to that related to Warcraft.

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